2:pm - Rock Candy as Montrose, Etc.
3:pm -  Surprise Performer!
4:pm - Experience Jimi as Hendrix
5:pm - Spirit Wind as Santana
6:pm - Anything for Salinas as Selena
7:pm - Just Like Heaven as The Cure
8:pm - The Great Pumpkin
as The Smashing Pumpkins
9:pm - Damage Inc. as Metallica


2:pm - Rock Candy as Montrose Etc.

3:pm - Say It Loud as James Brown
4:pm - Wild Night as Van Morrison

5:pm - A Twist on Taylor

as Taylor Swift

6:pm - Real Good Man as Tim McGraw
7:pm - Mania as The Beatles
8:pm - Just Like Heaven as The Cure
9:pm - INXS-IVE as INXS


These show times are pretty much set - We will only change if absolutely necessary - We know Damage Inc., The Great Pumpkin, Anything for Salinas, INXS-IVE, Twist on Taylor, A Real Good Man are all 'Etched in Stone' - Those will not change.

Note: We regret to announce that Vertigo as U2 had to drop out from performing at Echo Fest 2018.